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Campaign - Protection of Away Supporters

1) Aston Villa - Away Wheelchair Supporter location

DAG’s view that now this club has exhausted their two year period, collected tens of millions in parachute payments in the past, without even attempting to become compliant, they should be heavily sanctioned for totally reneging on that pledge.

The following should be demanded of the club.

· All Table 4 numerical requirements for wheelchair, ambulant and accessible toilets to be met without delay.

· Disabled away fans in wheelchairs to be relocated away from the home fans

· Protection provided for away disabled areas *

· Unobstructed viewing for away disabled fans - wheelchair and ambulant *

* Click here to see the DAG report compiled December 2020.

Positive response from Aston Villa - Click here


2) Norwich City - Away Wheelchair Supporter Safety

  • Two incidents injuring away wheelchair fans led to this report to be submitted to the club. See report - Click here

  • Positive response from Norwich City FC - Click here


3) Bournemouth - Away Disabled Supporter protection, evacuation and lift adequacy Click here


4) Southampton - Safety rail installed. Positive response from Southampton FC Click here

5) Crystal Palace - Away wheelchair platform obstructed views and supporter safety
Positive response received from Crystal Palace and added. Click Here

6) Leeds United - Standing away supporters obstructing wheelchair views. Click Here


Assessment and suggested revision of the Accessible Stadia Guidelines

Disabled Accessibility Draft Document - Introduction to this project

It is now more than twenty years since the first guidance documents detailing the provision of facilities for spectators with disabilities were published, and twelve years since Accessible Stadia was produced. Much has happened since then in terms of culture change, legislation and demographics, but what remains the same is that sports grounds should be inclusive and accessible to all spectators. Attending sporting activities is an integral and vital part of our culture and tradition, and no one should be excluded on grounds of disability.

Above is the original introductory text from the publication “Accessible Stadia Supplementary Guidance August 2015” stating an objective, which we wholeheartedly endorse, of endeavouring to deliver to disabled spectators, high quality facilities and services that are accessible, inclusive and welcoming for all.

The information contained in this publication is intended to bring together the disability related components from a number of documents - “Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds – Sixth Edition” , “Accessible Stadia - Supplementary guidance August 2015” and the Premier League “Ticketing and Matchday Guidance 2018” - and offer suggestions as to how to further improve, clarify and enhance the current guidance for the benefit of both home and away disabled spectators.

The invaluable knowledge and experience of the Chairs of eighteen Disability Supporters Associations, who comprise the Premier League Disability Advisory Group, has been embodied in this document.

This Group, who directly represents a large proportion of disabled football spectators who attend Premier League matches, feel that greater scrutiny of current ASG implementation is essential.

The Equality Act 2010 places an evolving and anticipatory duty on service providers and, given an aging population, a renewed emphasis is crucial to more fully support and embrace the widest spectrum of disability in the future.

The document is primarily aimed at football stadia but we believe that much of the changes and improvements suggested could equally be advantageously applied to other sports stadia.

David J Butler FCA MBE

Chairman - Premier League Disability Advisory Group

To view the initial draft click here.

Our objective is to enhance delivery to all disabled spectators of high quality facilities and services with an emphasis on improvements for ambulant supporters in particular and away fans in general.

Timescale: Not yet defined.

An unacceptable view from a wheelchair

Able bodied supporters selfishly stand up and block the view of wheelchair supporters.

Under ASGs 75% of all wheelchair positions are required to be elevated to avoid this problem - this is a Premier League club - and they have failed to provide an unobstructed view.

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Permitted Standing and the potential beneficial impact on disabled away supporters in particular and disabled supporters generally.

Please see the DAG letter to The Rt Hon Nigel Adams MP

Minister of State at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Click Here


Assessment of the adequacy of ticketing communication relating to away disabled supporters.

Investigation to consider the various different ways the ticket offices communicate ticketing information with regard to the number of wheelchair and ambulant spaces and exactly where they are and the accessibility. Also the visual and hearing impairment facilities and how to utilise.

Devise a check list of information required for each category - example - ambulant supporters need detailed information e.g. location/position of hand rails, number of steps, distance from toilets, refreshments etc.

Having received this detailed information the away ticket office will be able to assist correct allocation dependent upon mobility or other limitations of the supporter.

Our objective is to ensure all disabled supporters attending an away game have all the data they need before arriving at the Stadium to avoid unnecessary surprises.

Timescale: Best practice to be identified and communicated with examples to all club ticket offices before the beginning of the 2020 - 21 season.