Aston Villa Away Wheelchair Supporter Report

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Aston Villa were one of the original signatories to the pledge in 2015 by all Premier League clubs that they would meet the requirements contained in the Accessible Stadia Guidelines.

DAG’s view that now this club has exhausted their two year period in order to be fully compliant, they have collected tens of millions in parachute payments in the past, without even attempting to become compliant, they should now be heavily sanctioned for totally reneging on that pledge.

The following should be demanded of the club.

· All Table 4 numerical requirements for wheelchair, ambulant and accessible
toilets to be met without delay.

· Disabled away fans relocated separately from the home fans

· Protection provided for away disabled areas

· Unobstructed viewing for away disabled fans - wheelchair and ambulant

See the report below on unsafe conditions regarding wheelchair away fans being situated for the last decade in with the home fans.

Action awaited.

Aston Villa Report Dec 2020.docx