Question - Is there a document in existence from the Premier League on what clubs will accept as proof of disability or indeed what disability would require a PA.

Reply from Rachel Slolich - Premier Leaague :-

I have included a link to our handbook which is published on our website. Section R 'Operations' relates to the SLO and DAO roles:


We don't have specific rules around how clubs manage the administration of tickets for disabled fans. This is for clubs to manage themselves.

David Ruebain, who worked for us as a consultant a few years ago, drafted in 2018, a guidance note for clubs with the aim to help them provide a more consistent approach across the league. I have attached the guidance note for your reference. Clubs also share their approaches with each other.

Disability Guidance 2018.pdf

Question :- In the Premier League Rule Book, does a club have to have a Disability Supporters Association?

Answer - There is not a rule that states a club must have a DSA. There is a rule that clubs must have a structured dialogue with their fan base.