The Disability Advisory Group Representing Premier League Club Disability Supporters Associations

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Welcome to the Disability Advisory Group website

The Disability Advisory Group (DAG) was formed in February 2018 to bring together representatives of Premier League Disability Supporters Associations (DSA) to create a consultative forum focusing on the experience of being a disabled fan of a Premier League club. Its general purpose is to offer practical common-sense guidance, suggestions and opinion on a variety of relevant topics to the Premier League.

Some disabled supporters enjoying the football at Watford FC

Priority topics such as advising on issues relating to access and inclusion for disabled fans and identifying best practice with regard to implementation of the requirements of the Accessible Stadia Guidelines.

Commenting on drafts of new or amended relevant guidance being offered to clubs by the Premier League’s Supporter Relations team on disability matters and considering and responding to any other reports, documents and information as requested by the Premier League.

We are an independent group, determined to be fully representative, accountable and open as possible, seeking to represent the views of our members.

We will adopt our own positions on matters of policy and practice that affect them and their members.

The Premier League have committed to seeking to regularly consult with DAG on topical and relevant matters as part of their commitment to engage in structured dialogue with fans.

An image of a wheelchair platform at a football ground.

DAG will also engage with the Independent Football Ombudsman on his adjudications on those complaints involving disability concerns which have wider implications.