Membership is open to one designated representative of each Premier League Disability Supporters Association (DSA).       Current members :-

  Official & Status
 Premier League Club
Disability Pages on the Club website and/or
Disability Supporters Association's own website
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 Anthony Joy                 DSA Chair  Arsenal ADSA website: 
Arsenal website:

 Joanne Mckibbens     DSA Chair  Aston Villa Aston Villa website  -  
 Kevin Holden               DSA Chair  Burnley
BFC  DSA Website:
Burnley website: 
 Tim McGeever            DSA Chair   Chelsea Website:
 David Smith              DSA Chair  Crystal Palace  
 Amy Wilson              DSA Committee  Everton
 Sandra Fixter            DSA Chair  Leicester  
 Tom Hutchinson        DSA Chair  Liverpool

 John Kenny               DSA  Chair  Manchester City

 Chas Banks                DSA Chair Manchester United

 Joe Ayton                     DSA Chair
 Stephen Miller               DSA Rep
 Newcastle United
 Ben Iles                     DSA Chair
 Kevin James              Vice Chair
 Norwich  Website:  
 Phil Dewick                  DSA Chair
 Janet Ireland
 Sheffield United /  
 Andy Mather               DSA Chair  Southampton Website:

 Jo McNichol                   DSA Chair  Tottenham  
 David Butler                DSA Chair  Watford
 Cathy Bayford           DSA Joint Chair
 Trevor Bright              DSA Joint Chair
 West Ham Website:   
 Steve Daniels             DSA Chair


 Premier League Clubs without a DSA  Disability Pages on the Club website  
 Bournemouth -  In direct contact   
 Brighton    Do not feel the need to have a DSA
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